…a youth searching for information about agriculture from the internet

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today”, so said Malcolm X. I don’t know what prompted him to say this but presently, I can only relate this to the current state of Agriculture. Who is going to replace the aging African farmer? This heavily depends on the preparations we are going to do today. The youth on whom the future depends have given a wide birth to agriculture and so what does this mean to the future of agriculture? We can only imagine.

There is need for concerted efforts to change this trend and endear youth to Agriculture. To address this challenge, I believe that if government can develop rural areas, by providing amenities as it is available in urban centres, this may attract a lot of youths into the sector.

Also with the advent of the Global System of Mass Communication (GSM) that has made the world to become a global village, this can also be strengthen to connect all the rural areas to the network to make communication easier while Internet facilities, if available could as well aid farming process by providing adequate information. With this, Makokha the village young farmer could be able to do business with Smith in the US – and this will be just one step among many we need to take in the right direction.