eating well

Healthy foods for long life

Its not just about the food alone but rather it entails even the way it is prepared. It is therefore paramount to use the right type of oil for cooking, particularly oils. It contains an acid known as oleic that keeps the inflammation rate down and on the other hand fats contain cholesterol which is not good at all. It contributes to high blood pressure.

Meat? Let’s go for the white meat instead of red meat? Red meat such as that from a cow is not healthy. Some contain high saturated fats that raise the cholesterol in the blood. This is quite dangerous as this leads to high blood pressure. White meat on the other hand includes those such as fish and rabbits which is very healthy. People will complain that fish is expensive but when we opt to buy dagaa which goes at Ksh250 per can is quite cheap or better still when compared to the cost of health complications associated to avoiding, it is really cheap.

Eat nuts and don’t forget fruits. Nuts such as sunflower seeds, hazel nuts taken between meals plays an important role in preventing inflammation. If the nuts are not present, eat apples, blueberries, cherries, pineapple, raspberries, or strawberries. Always place these fruits in a place that is easily visible so that when you have a glimpse at them, you will eventually pick one.

Garlic: never mind the bad breath that comes out after consuming it. Would you choose good health and the bad breath or you would rather have a fresh breath and weak joints? Health is more important compared to bad breath, so eat more of garlic as it is of importance in strengthening your joints. Thereafter you can eat some mint for a fresh breath.

See you at 120 years.