The boys have nothing to do, but for girls it’s different. We have to look after the family, collecting firewood as before, but we have to walk further each day find any. This is what Miss Sarah had to say when asked about the role of boys and girls in the family.

Picture by Elcah

While our fathers farm for money, our mothers are the ones farming for food. Men are only concerned with the coffee, tea, sugarcane and other cash crops which earn them cash. But the women are usually left to cultivate food crops which are consumed by the family. Men are usually known to squander whatever money they get from the cash crops and so leaving women to be the sole caretakers of the family.

Looking at many women I know including my mother and I, am fully convinced empowering or educating a woman is indeed is indeed educating the whole community and educating a boy is educating an individual. For a multiplier effect, let’s focus on efforts on empowering the women of the world and the whole world will be saved.