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Dear Sirs,

I am a young aspiring business lady from Kenya. I have nursed my dream of being a successful business lady with no boundaries since childhood but at a time when my dream needs to be realized it seems impossible. It is not just for me but many “ordinary” Africans are sharing these challenges. Our honorable leaders, I know by virtue of your positions it may be hard to experience what we are going through as ordinary citizens of Africa aspiring to trade and invest on the African continent. It is easier for us as Africans to do business with other continents than it is within Africa. In fact, according to the World Bank’s annual [1]“Doing Business”report, sub-Saharan Africa is, on average, the most difficult place to do business in the world.

The challenges are many. Sirs, I find it hard to understand that when I travel to our neighboring country Uganda I have to do transactions in US Dollars. When I was traveling to Nigeria and Ghana I couldn’t buy their currencies in my country. I almost starved in Ghana not for lack of money but because they couldn’t accept to change my Kenyan shillings, they wanted dollars. Do you ever go through these kinds of problems leaders? These multiplicities of inconvertible currencies which are all over Africa are major constraint to conducting business within Africa.Why not come up with a common currency for Africa like we have the Euro or US Dollar? It was until recently that I knew about the South African Rand, Nigeria’s Naira, Ghana’s Cedes and Zambian kwach but I knew about dollars as soon as I understood what money is. As one of the mechanisms to support intra African trade and investment, we should work towards a common currency if not for the continent, at least for the regional blocs. ECOWAS Dollar, EAC Shilling, SADEC Rand and another one for the Central Africa will help strengthen trade and investment in those regions. Continue reading


Eating healthy!!

eating well

Healthy foods for long life

Its not just about the food alone but rather it entails even the way it is prepared. It is therefore paramount to use the right type of oil for cooking, particularly oils. It contains an acid known as oleic that keeps the inflammation rate down and on the other hand fats contain cholesterol which is not good at all. It contributes to high blood pressure. Continue reading

Post harvest management for vegetables

With lots of emphasis and support having been laid on promoting production techniques – we have now found ourselves with lots of agricultural produce than we can consume in one sitting. This leads to the same produce getting spoilt since most of the agricultural products are perishable – unless they are properly conserved. Continue reading

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