Men cut down a tree for timber

“……….. if we destroy the environment through destroying indigenous forests, nature is very unforgiving; it will fight back with catastrophic consequences” – once said Kenya’s Wangari Maathai. and now we blame almost everything on the nature. We say climate change is to blame for the low yields on our farms, it is because of it that we have prolonged droughts and devastating floods and some people go to the extend of blaming God. But where exactly did things start going bad? It all started when human kind became greedy and started getting from nature more than he needs and more than nature it can replenish itself. In all these, nature is only hitting back at us after what we’ve done to it. We the people are to blame for all these disasters we are experiencing. We have forgotten that the society has a role to play. It is very true that human forces are the ones making people increasingly vulnerable to nature’s vagaries. The society (mostly human institutions and policies) select who to get the basic resources,that is,only those who can afford it have the advantage while the hard times only hit the poorest. A majority of persons live on the brink of disaster as a result of being deprived off natural resources upon which they depend by the powerful few.

We should stop blaming nature because you and I have the sole responsibility of ensuring that we take measures to mitigate against these calamities. The solution to these calamities lies in sustainable lifestyles –that is, transforming our preferences and efficiently use the available resources without over-exploiting the planet. At the same time sustainable lifestyles should not compromise the standard of living but, instead, allow everybody on the planet to live comfortably. We can make things work for ourselves without blaming nature.