I usually peruse through the dailies to keep myself braced with the current tidings in the political, social and environmental fronts as reported. Today, my attention was caught by this particular article by Lilian Achieng which appeared in the Sunday Nation, Jan 12 pg 32. The article read… “African Union moves to promote Diaspora investment” In her article, Lilian talks about the African Union’s summit which is scheduled for January the 24th this year in Addis Ababa.

It is said that the discussion that will dominate this summit is how to increase Diaspora investments on the continent with biasness to food security and development issues. At a meeting in Kenya’s Diaspora alliance, the African Union Commission, Erastus Mwencha has identified the Africans abroad as a sixth region with the capacity to contribute significantly to the continent’s economy. For me, this is good news. I believe we can build our own continent through our home-made initiatives without depending on others to do it for us. The best solutions are those homemade.

The article further states that the resolution by the AU is to support all efforts that will enable Africans living abroad to aggressively invest on the continent. The union has spelt out the policy that spells out measures to be taken to attract Africans living abroad to invest in Africa which will be the centre of discussion in the oncoming summit scheduled to open in January 24. This’ not only good news for my country but for the entire continent – I hope these investments create opportunities for the youths.