Most African government are grappling with the problem of youth unemployment and it is a major problem. This is exacerbated by the fact that the youth now make up the largest share of the population in most African countries. A report by the World Bank, Youth Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa that was published in Washington, January 27, 2014 says that raising earning potential among Africa’s growing youth population is a major priority for the region.

The report notes that it is more urgent than ever to pave the way for more productive job opportunities regardless of the type of work that young people will do—in the fast-growing modern wage sector, in household enterprises, or on millions of small family-run farms. It also notes that with the right combination of policies in place, Africa’s position as the “youngest” region in the world—in contrast to most other regions where populations are rapidly aging—could lead to greater prosperity at the household level, and major economic gains for African countries.

The 283 document goes a head to outline more priorities areas to address Africa’s youth employment challenge and I wish someone was reading. The report can be accessed here:Youth employment in Sub-Saharan Africa