The surging human population in Africa has exerted pressure on our food production systems as they strive to meet our food demand. With the Africa’s population now running into more than a billion, the big question remains if Africa be able to feed itself? The resulting pressure on the natural resources in order to meet human needs has led to insecurity cases. People fight over resources in order to meet not only their needs but also their greed.  As the population increases and pressure continues mounting on the resources our security will continue declining unless ……. This article is about that unless.

Politics of the country plays an important role in influencing issues. Our former president used to say “Siasa Mbaya, Maisha mbaya” simply meaning bad politics will lead to poor living standards. As such, the political will in addressing food security issues is paramount. In my opinion, African leaders should give agriculture the importance it deserves as the cornerstone of most of our economies. There is need to rethink the way we (youth) perceive Agriculture and support. In this, our leaders need to lead by example so as to influence the masses.

While foreign aid is critical to African nations in feeding the hungry and reviving agriculture, food production is too important to be left to the generosity of the external partners. In as much as more resources are invested in the national security issues, food security requires the same commitment as it has a bearing on the state of national security. A hungry man is an angry man. So they say. Security challenges are usually caused by the hungry people – many thieves who have been arrested have blamed hunger for their actions. This therefore follows that if food can be availed on every table then insecurity issues will be reduced greatly.

Africa needs a strong food policy and resources to be invested in institutions that promote agriculture. Thanks to the African Union’s initiative of coming up with the Comprehensive Africa Development Programme (CAADP), African countries have committed to spend at least 10% of their national budgets on agriculture. They have also committed to strengthen agricultural institutions and build teams of skilled personnel to steer the sector forward.

What will be the legitimacy of a government if many of its citizens flee the country or die of hunger not as a result of enemy firepower but from starvation? It is the responsibility of the government  to ensure security of their citizens and therefore, with all these initiatives and more countries signing up towards the CAADP, there is a hope for food and National security in future.