It is indeed a women’s day and on this very special occasion, I would like to share a story of one woman who has really made it in the circles of agriculture. For Alice, usual routine of reporting to work every morning and sitting in the office from 8am to 5pm used to give her headaches. She couldn’t understand why she had to work under somebody while she could actually become her own employer and even employ others.

After only six months of working, Alice decided to retire and pursue her own dreams. “I did not like the aspect of reporting to work every day as I desired so much to be my own boss, I had to set up my own business and that was poultry farming.” she said, adding, “every person aspires to have a life that is comfortable,”

To raise capital for her venture, she started by selling second hand clothes and making ice-cream for selling to school children. Like this, she managed to raise enough capital and six months later, she was a proud poultry farmer.

She started by an initial capital of Sh30, 000. She bought 150 one-day-old chicks for Sh100 each and converted one of her bedrooms to house these birds. After five weeks, the broilers were ready for the market, while layers took between four to five months to start laying eggs. She soon moved the chicken from her bedroom to a structure that could accommodate 600 birds and more.

Counting her profits every day, she is now the envy of many people in her estate. She has a total of 1,000birds, 300 of them being layers. The 34-year-old says she does not regret quitting her job. “I am my own boss, and I work at my own pace. I am happy with myself,” she says. “Making the first move is always the beginning of everything,” she adds, “had I clung onto my job, I wouldn’t have made this impressive move.”

Alice says that she makes at least Sh100,000 every five weeks from selling broilers which go for Sh400 each and eggs at Sh330 per tray. “I collect close to 10 trays of eggs everyday and can sell between 50 to 60 birds daily when the demand is low,” she says. After subtracting all the expenses, she is able to bank close Sh35, 000 per month. When business is at the peak, she receives orders to supply up to 150 birds per day.

Is this not credible? Happy women’s day and yes, we can do it.