ICT girls’ day! A day we all ICT girls ought to commemorate and do so by sharing good stuff either by us or people we know have done with help of ICT. I definitely have a whole list of things ICT has helped me achieve but am not going to enumerate them here. Instead, am going to use an ICT tool to share a friend’s achievement grâce à ICT.

I can recall very well. My friend and neighbor in the village used to complain a lot about how the middleman connecting her to the market for her dairy cattle feeds was fleecing her. She used to pay double for any stock of feeds she got through him. AI services were double the actual cost too and this she did not realize until when she acquired her first smart-phone. I helped her to register with service providers like M-Farm, The Biovision Farmer Communication (FCP) and iCow and as I write this blog now, she receives information updates on her phone and if she requires any services or info she easily asks these people who readily provide it to her.

My neighbor also used to struggle in order to get adequate and high quality feeds for her animals – through one of the websites she uses for her information needs, she discovered about the calliandra, trichandra, mulberry and tree Lucerne and she attests that her milk production has increased. This does not only benefit her milk needs but also she saves a lot of time and energy – that which she could have used searching for and collect forage far from home; it has saved her money as no buying of the commercial protein supplement anymore.

ICT helped her to eliminate the costly burden of middlemen and now she’s all smiles to the bank. Happy Girls ICT Day!!