Not long ago was the World Environment Day (5th June). This is a day set aside to stimulate worldwide awareness on environmental issues and encourage political and individual efforts in conserving the environment. Thanks to concerted efforts by different stakeholders on environmental issues and the need to protect our environment, people are now more aware and exhibiting the will to conserve the environment. However, most of us wait until its world environment day to show it. Is this sufficient?
More can be done. There is more that we can do individually to protect our environment and achieve sustainable development. We should start by personalizing environmental issues and to realize not only our responsibilities but also power to influence others to change and behave responsibly. One can do so by participating in environmental conservation activities.
One can also mobilize and educate colleagues and friends on sustainable environmental practices, organize exhibitions and even get children to express their understanding of safe environment through art, initiate tree planting drives, encourage switching off the lights when not in use, encourage recycling of plastic bags and sustainable use of water.
Food portions controlling is another way in which one conserves the environment although indirectly. To avoid wastage of food, practice the following; use leftovers wisely in that you can make a meal out of the leftovers, Donate any unspoiled food to those who may not have, compost any food scraps and eat smart only serving what you can finish from your plate.
Lastly, plant a tree; you don’t have to wait for the world environment day!!!!!