A sample of Kenya's wildlife

A sample of Kenya’s wildlife

Kenya is a country whose tourism industry is incomparable to any other in the region. She is breathtakingly beautiful with inimitable features not to forget her people with their diverse Culture and hospitable nature. The hills, the green valleys, the sparkling lakes and rivers in addition to its natural forests and game has made Kenya a must visit country for tourists from all over. However, the recent happenings in the country have stolen Kenya’s glory and dimmed the light that once brightly shown in the tourism sector.
To steer back to our once prosperous path, it is paramount to re-brand and market our country in order to overcome the negativities that have been propagated out there. Social media is a tool that can be used to advance this objective and I advocate for the formation of a social media team on tourism that would ensure publicizing of information on tourism on social sites such as blogs, twitter hash tags, facebook, Google+ and other sites which have a wide range of viewers. The team needs to be formed and structured for uniformity of the messages going out.
Through this team, an initiative should be established to market the sector within the country to promote local tourism. Initiatives such as blogging competitions, essay competitions or photo competitions to promote tourist attraction sites should be considered.
As we celebrate WORLD TOURISM DAY, let’s join hands in spreading the word to steer back our glory in tourism industry.

Happy World Tourism Day!!!!!!!!!