My country Kenya is breathtakingly beautiful with inimitable cities compared to none the world over – being so because I don’t know about the rest. When asked to choose my favorite among the ones I know, It was not easy for me still because all the Kenyan cities are unique and beautiful in their own ways but after some soul searching and self consultations, I finally settled on Mombasa.
The port city of Mombasa is a Kenyan city – the second largest in the country and is one of the major tourism centers in the country. Being Kenya’s chief port, Mombasa is the commercial and industrial hub lying on the Indian Ocean and is connected to the mainland by bridges and ferries. And so, the first reason it’s my favorite is related to its geological orientation.
Beautiful beaches; the city is well known for its beautiful beaches which have been capped with exotic beach resorts and luxurious hotels. Water activities like kite surfing, scuba diving and much more are also a common site on these beaches. Since I am a water person, I get exited whenever I here of the name Mombasa.???????????????????????????????
Hospitable nature of the coastal people; unlike people in the other regions, coastal people are well known for their hospitality nature. Their etiquette is beyond reproach and words like please, excuse me, pardon me, forgive me which are rare in other parts are overly used in this city. It is even said that police officers beg criminals in order to arrest them, ‘Please I beg you, kindly allow me to arrest you’. This is unlike of the other police force in the country who are known for their strictness in handling of criminals.
As described by non-coastal residents, these people are so kind that they cannot even harm a fly. They are the most sociable and welcoming people that people from all over the country have settled there and are seen as brothers and sisters by the locals.
The Local Drink (Mnazi); It is often said that the way to someone’s heart is through his/her stomach. True, and my list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning their delicacies and for my case, a Mombasa trip is incomplete without the local brew mnazi. Mnazi is a drink made from young coconut fruits just before hardening. While still green, the coconut is cut and the juice inside is what is used to make the mnazi brew. When fermented it becomes alcohol. It is regarded medicinal and a life pro-longer. I intend to live 500 years given my frequent visits to this city.???????????????????????????????

With all these, who would not love such a city? Take your time, visit and tell it by yourself rather than being told.