Launched under the leadership of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in 1996, the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) is a multi-stakeholder (donors, private sectors, NGOs, Advanced Research Institute and farmers organizations among others) led initiative whose task is to transform the agricultural research and innovation systems. As a multi-stakeholder led initiative concerned about the future of agriculture, it empowers these groups in research related areas in their efforts to alleviate poverty, increase food security and promote sustainable use of natural resources in the developing countries.

Partnership is key in agricultural research and development. Since its formation, GFAR has been supporting collective formulation of international agendas and addressing linkages between international research and national impact through its partners. Looking into the future, GFAR is in need of further building, strengthening and enriching its partnership base so as to create a forum that is truly owned by all and is able to foster change across all sectors. As such, it has organized a conference that will facilitate discussions for shaping the future of its agenda. The event is scheduled to take place in Thailand, Bangkok from 24th-26th August.

This is a global event that will shape the future of agriculture largely. You can follow the proceedings of this great event on twitter through the hashtag #GFAR_CA